Sia Enterprises is dedicated, determined and devoted to uphold comprehensive customer contentment concerning the commodities proposed on our internet domain, along with security and customer support services. Nevertheless, in the eventuality of your dissatisfaction with a product, you retain the option to return your order under some limitations.

  • We provide exceptional and outstanding quality of services and products, which are very well appreciated by the customers but if you wish to Return or Refund the product then you reserve the right to return or get refund by meeting following criteria:
  • The request for return/ refund should be raised within 3 days of receipt/delivery of the products. In order to place a request for Return or Refund or Exchange, the applicant should submit a formal request at and also communicate the same through call on the available contact numbers (as available on website).
  • Bon-fide and genuine details about your purchase should be provided by you to the concerned grievance officer of our firm and upon the same, the request of refund or return of the product will be further processed.
  • A convenience fees of Rs. 150/- has to be paid by you in case of Return or Refund (the said condition applies for only “Cash-On-Delivery” orders). Non-payment of the said amount will deprive you from proceeding with the request of Refund or Return. No convenience fees will be levied on prepaid orders in case of Return or Refund.
  • Taking into account the wish and will of yours to return or refund the product supplied by us, we will not ask any kind of questions except the genuine details of your purchase and product at the time of Refund or Return.
  • Power prescriptions for single vision lens are returnable subject to filling of request for return. Power prescription for bifocal/ progressive lens are returnable subject to the filling of request of return. In case, of wrongful submission of power to us by you, shall deny you from claiming any return or refund in respect of the product and subsequently discharge us from any liability against the same. Efforts may be taken by us to only contact and discuss the matter.
  • The product should be sent back without any scratches, damages, destruction, and should have not been used. Any reduction or deterioration in the quality, character or body of the product in any manner shall deprive you from claiming refund or return. The price tag, invoice, other identification tag and packaging must be intact and sent back as supplied by us. Any form of absence of material or component shall deny your request from being further processed.
  • The return package should be properly sealed and packed, and sent back to us. Whole product along with all the components including the guide, cleaning liquid, cleaning cloth, guarantee card, case and other accessories which were sent by us against the order placed by you, should be properly sent back and absence of product or any material/ component or other accessory related to the product in the return package shall decline your request for refund or return.
  • The return package as and when received by us, will be sent through a process of checks and scrutiny and only after receiving approval by the experts regarding the return package, the request of refund or return shall be proceeded further. The request of refund will be processed within 72 hours of the approval by the experts in respect of the returned package.
  • Any scratch, mark, crack on the glass of the product, or any bent, break, tilt or twist in/of the frame of the product or any absence of screw(s) or displacement or damage of any part of product supplied by us, which has been caused/done by you, shall clearly deny the return package from getting approved by the experts and under no condition request for return or refund will be entertained further.
  • If the return package gets approved, then in that eventuality, only the amount of product (at the time of purchase) will be refunded and other charges such as the convenience, delivery, etc levied shall be forfeited.
  • If there is any specific warranty, guarantee, offer, scheme, proposal to sale, product or service, which is out of the scope of ours, or which has been specifically provided by any other firm/ company whose products/services are offered/sold on our website, then, in that eventuality, that particular company/ firm/ supplier shall be liable to bear the consequence arisen out of the sale of goods or service even if it is done through our website. Also, if there is any such case wherein, we are only intermediaries in sale of goods or services of some other(third-party) company/ firm/ supplier then, we may provide you with assistance to deal in that situation and not anywhere else. Note: The product representations made by us on the website or catalogues are for the purpose of illustration and approximate/close description of the product, exact replica may not be supplied by us to you. Any request for refund, return or exchange on account of the same shall not be entertained. Note: The information presented on our website is solely for general enlightenment purposes and must not be solely depended upon or utilized as the definitive foundation for decision-making without seeking consultation from primary and more accurate sources of information precisely us. Relying entirely on the material presented on our website is at your own peril. Note: We solely reserves the right, discretion and authority to change, modify, alter, amend, improve or replace the representation (made in any form), specification, description, status, availability, price of any product on our website without giving or making any type or kind of communication to anybody.
  • In order to satisfy your queries or submit complaint or provide us your valuable suggestions please feel free to contact us at:

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